The floor has some good grip now and the players like it.  Come join our open play on Tuesdays from 7:30-10:30PM and our open league play on Thursdays.  Doors open at 5:00PM (Thur) and league starts promptly at 6:30PM.  If you are going to be late for league please call ahead or you could get left out.  The weekends are still 1:00-5:00PM.  We look forward to seeing you all and that includes young to early 90's and the more the merrier.


P.S. Andre Khailo has hit the 2000 magical rating number for the first time.  He crossed the threshold after the Highland Tourney.   Congrats to Andre we know how hard it is to achieve.

October 22 & 23 we will be hosting our 13TH annual South Shore Butterfly Table Tennis Championships.  This event features the Nate Wasserman Junior Championship which offers the largest payout in the nation.  The club is still looking for volunteers to help set up in Highland, IN on Friday the 21st.  We will have Pam Hazinski manning the snack bar with her daughter this year.  She will be offering lunch around noon each day.  We are still working on the menu but dogs I am sure will be on the agenda.  If I get motivated sloppy joes will also be served until they run out. 

The tournament is posted on as of today and all the necessary information is out there.  We have a new design for another tourney shirt and please feel free to order one.  We don't make hardly any money off of these but do put out a quality product for a great price of $20 and the big ones are $22 (XXL).  See Dan or call or email Steve if you have questions on the tourney or volunteering.  Dan is also looking for some help in tearing down afterwards.

To view the entry click on the following link:




We are doing another raffle for our Junior Program.  We have two sheets of Tenergy (Red/Black) to award to the lucky winners.  Prices for the tickets are $2 for one and three for $5 just like we did last year.  Our budget for the club does not include supporting the junior members expenses for tournaments.  Through donations and a few raffles we are able to assist our juniors with tournament expenses.  The sheets of rubber are the maximum thickness Butterfly offers.  Most of you are aware that one sheet of rubber is $75 so this is a decent chance to win one without spending the full amount and you will be helping out a great cause.  Once we reach reach a total of $200-$225 we will have a drawing.  The winner will get their choice of color.  The color that is left will be the second part of the raffle.  Please see Dan any day we are open for tickets. 


Dan is hosting another camp on July 28-30 and has openings.  Please see Dan or Jr for details.  The coaches have been doing a great job with our juniors and many of them are putting in considerable time to improve their game.  Tournaments is another step in the learning curve for these youngsters and they need our support.


I want to thank all of you who have paid up on your annual memberships.  This is a critical part of running the club and keeping this nice facility and coach.  Our Highland tournament is already in the process of getting our sanction and Dan handed out flyers in Vegas advertising the Oct 22-23 event.  This tournament thanks to Si Wasserman is the largest junior purse in the country that we are aware of.  We will have an entry completed soon and online at



The boxing people are done using the gym until sometime in August.  We will now be opening at 5:00PM on Tuesday night.  Tuesday night is open play and people can come right from work and get in a good practice now without having to go home and then come back.  I am reviewing all memberships so if you are due please expect an email letting you know when payment is due.


Thank you,



P.S. We will close around 9:00PM.