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SBTTC Celebrates 21 years with coach Seemiller on October 1 from 3:00-5:00PM.  Everyone is welcome to come for free play, refreshments, raffle and exhibition. 


"Danny Seemiller is the most prominent name in table tennis in North America," according to Phil Schmucker, one of the club founders. "We were incredibly fortunate to get him to come to South Bend 21 years ago, and we're thrilled that he's still coaching here." Seemiller is five times US Nationals Singles Champ, twelve times US Men's Doubles Champ and was the United States Men's Olympic Coach in Sydney (2000) and Athens (2004).

As a coach in South Bend, Seemiller has developed such players as Mark Hazinski, Joey Cochran, Jared Lynch, A.J. Brewer and Dan Seemiller Jr., all of whom played as members of the US National Team. Currently the South Bend club has five members of the junior team who are competing regionally and nationally.
Last year, Seemiller wrote Revelations of a Ping-Pong Champion, which tells the story of his fifty years in the sport, from early days of training and breakthroughs, through defeats and triumphs.

The general public is welcome.



Paul George long time club member and artist is currently residing in Grand Emerald Place assisted living center.  Paul recently lost his wife Maureen and has been rehabilitating from a fall.  Please feel free to stop by and say hi to Paul when you can.  The address is 4010 S Ironwood Dr in South Bend and the phone is 574-231-1428 which rings into his Room#104.

  We will be closed on Sunday Jan 1.  Please keep in mind we moved our St Joe Valley to Mar 18-19 this year and plan accordingly.  Our BOD members are pulling together nicely with the opening/closing of the gym.  A special thanks to Bob Tolen, Barry Chan, Kan Wang and Phil Schmucker for all their help.

We have just finalized an agreement to play in the Beacon Resource Center, 4210 Lincoln Way West, South Bend, IN 46628 and it is real close to the airport.  We will be having our league play on Tuesdays instead of Thursdays now and the new start time is from 7:30-10:30PM.  The days we will be open are Tue, Thur, Sat and Sun.  The hours for Thur are still being discussed but looks like 3 times a month we will start at 5 and the other at 7:30PM.  This will be cleared up shortly and the Saturday and Sunday hours are 1-5PM unless the church has some big activity going on and needs the space.  They will work with us on this and hopefully it doesn't happen very often.  Our BOD and Dan think this is a good opportunity for the club and the best choice we can make at this time. One other item for the players is we all should bring our own water.

Our board met last night and the results are in:

President - Steve Betts

Treasurer - Todd Loughman (he is the gentleman who has been providing our new and improved tournament brochures)

Secretary - Andre Stoner (yes that would be the world famous Marty Stoner's dad)

Bob Tolen - BOD returning

Barry Chan - BOD returning

Pam Hazinski - BOD returning ( we thank her for her service as secretary these last two years)

Arnold Smith - BOD returning (yes the one and only still inputting our league results without a raise lately and we deeply appreciate him)

Margie Davis - New BOD member (if you see Dion or Dionte she is not far behind)

Phil Schmucker - BOD (a previous past president who has been a loyal member for years and a personal friend)


Steve Betts

P.S. Don't call me with questions yet until we see how things go this coming Tuesday PLEASE !